Monday, June 8, 2009

Weapons weapons weapons

I know it's a sick obsession to like guns. The fact of the matter is that I only like the way they look. I don't care about the whole power trip people go on because they own a real one or anything like that. I think they are actually pretty creepy, but I think the same thing about cars, anything that has a vast amount of power kinda scares me but also fascinates me (i.e- my mother). Guns, knifes, swords all that stuff makes me just live in the moment. Not sure why but when I'm around anything potentially brain just goes numb to anything else?! Can't figure out why but I guess that's what maybe draws me into it. If you've never seen the earrings in my shop under the ETC category on Etsy check them out. I have hand guns, swords, soon to have up even nun chuck earrings! The whole works, that's what I mean by liking the look. I have gun necklaces too. One of which is not for sale that I wear religiously. I have wanted an old gun that doesn't work anymore but I can't seem to find a cool one that is resonably day though. Last year my husband was sweet enough to get me a Halloween costume that came with a cowgirl hat, a holster and gun... that was really fun role playing btw-he's so thoughtful! Hee hee! And today I sold my machine gun bracelet. I am going to miss it. That thing got complements up the ass-oh well, off to Roma!!