Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dave's Jason Cake

Yay! So yesterday was Dave's birthday. I got him a butt load of prezies (presents) because he's so super spoiled and doesn't even realize it! But my favorite thing about his birthday was his cake. He is such a huge horror fanatic, especially for Jason Voorhees, my goodness, that I had planned on making him a Jason cake, somehow. Now seeing as I can not bake or cook worth a shit, my mom decided that she would make one of her yummy cakes from scratch for him. Thank god. He wanted his fav. yellow cake with chocolate frosting. So his wish was granted. And lo and behold his Jason cake was made. I am so proud of it. I used some red and black gels for the details which was pretty easy. The hardest part was the mask's nose because it had to be raised up and frosting a tiny piece of cake sucks, but it came thru looking pretty sweet.

So my mom made 2 layers for the cake and frosted it with the chocolate frosting and then she made a 3rd layer for the mask. I shaved off the sides and a little off the bottom to give it the mask it's shape and then we frosted it with regular white frosting. I am a little upset because I added "blood splatters" all over the chocolate base part and I think it could have done without. But other than that I am really proud of it. Then Dave had the nerve to say that next year I won't get off so easy because he's gunna be wanting a Freddy (Kruger) cake...ha, yeah right!