Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Power of Candles

"When we think of seances, witches, forune-tellers, haunted houses, or even Halloween, we think of candles. Candles are shrouded in mystery and superstiton."

"Beware the candle that blows out during a ceremony. It's a warning that evil is near. Three lit candles in a row bring bad luck. If you look in a mirror by candlelight you may find souls of the deceased. Remember, a candle's magic is not totally out of your control. Try using pink to guard against evil spirits, a red candle to bring love your way."

-The Little Big Book of Chills and Thrills

Using white candle magic spells can help you focus the positive energy in your life and create an aura of well being to surround you. By understanding what white magic is and how white candles can help, you can cast spells to benefit your life and those around you.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Pumpkins and other Halloween Collectibles

Even though Fall is not officially here for a few more days and Fall weather will not be here for God knows how long, I am still so excited about this season. I broke down and started setting up my pumpkin collection and a few other Autumn items that I have. I really got excited about my pumpkin collection a few days ago when I went with my mom and husband to this awesome store in Redlands called Mozarts. It is sooo awesome. I practically creamed all over myself with their absolutely huge and adorable Halloween selections. Although when it comes down to it I am pretty picky about my pumpkins. My first one ever, I believe I got at the Hallmark Card Store, at the Moreno Valley Mall. He is actually a coffee cup with eyes that jiggle.

I had to have him and he pretty much started it all. I will always fall for something with a slightly crazed looking smile or eyes, and he had both. My second pumpkin item that went into my collection was from Michael's Craft Store.

I am so surprised that I found something like her there, she's so cute. And again, has a slightly loony look on her face. Those 2 were the first in my collection and they are my absolute favorites. My third favorite is Izzy which I actually got from indigotwin last year and she is a real sweetie.

indigotwin is great at making her pumpkins, cats and ghouls have the exact look that I like for Halloween. I never pay more than $15 for any of my Halloween finds except for one a few years back, which I am still peeved about. He is kinda cute. I really only like his clothes but I saw him at some Flea Market in the LA area and this lady had a ton of vintage Halloween stuff. I was in love right away. I think it was also in April or something so I really jizzed myself for this.
Anyways, I saw him and the lady totally talked me into buying in for like $25 bucks. I don't really like him for that sole reason. But it is cool that he's actually a tea light holder and his eyes light up. But seriously, $25!!! Come on! There are so many great items out already so I am super psyched about what I will find. Especially with all the cute little shops around and with my Halloween clearance go to place, which shall remain nameless-I am beyond excited!! Oh and also another one of my favorite Halloween items is this sweet ass book that my sister got my years back. It talks about all the Halloween traditions and superstitions. It's a great read every year. I will post some of the neat stuff in there later this month.