Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Yay! I am so excited that Spring is finally here. I love the beginning of every season though, I must admit. Every one brings a sense of a new beginning with a knowledge of the old, tried and true which after 25 years on the planet I still find comforting! There hasn't been much rain this winter but luckily we've gotten some and also got the joy of a pretty scary spring rain storm on Saturday with huge gusts of wind and a few inches. But it really helped the wild flowers spring up even more. We went for a little hike at the park and got to see all the migrating butterflies, bees, tarantulas, wildflowers, and all sorts of other creepy crawlies.

Also with the start of Spring and new beginnings and ideas, I was suggested the great idea from the very sweet and talented, Rebekah from MrsBsAccessories, to maybe start making mini note cards that would be easy to sneak into your man's back pocket for a sweet surprise later in the day. So I took her up on her up on her idea and I am very happy with them. I was even able to come up with a couple new cards designs because of it. They are really fun and come with little handmade colorful envelopes.