Monday, March 2, 2009

Skella-Head's Amazing Journey

When I first started Hot ta-ta's and the whiskey biskit Faktory I had made an "action figure" out of a skeleton head that I got from a brain surgeons office, his head could move back and forth and his mouth could open. I put it on the body of an old wrestling action figure that my husband had had as a child. I screwed the head on the body and painted the whole thing white and added "bones". I had this "Skella-Head Action Figure" as I referred to him, in my shop for a good long time. He became almost my mascot, he got tons of views, comments, laughs and just made everyone fall in love with him. Then one fateful August afternoon he was sold to the very sweet, Jayne from the shop SeeJayneKnitYarns. She said Skella-Head was going to make a great a stocking stuffer for her husband, Doug, for Christmas. I also found out Skella-Head was going to become a Canadian!! Skella-Head had told me once that it was his dream to live there one day, so finally his dreams were about to come true.

•○•○•○•○• Skella-Head on one of his many adventures •○•○•○•○•

○•○•○•○•○ Skella-Head after a day of "hunting" ○•○•○•○•○

○•○•○• Skella-Head gazing upon his next obstacle to conquer •○•○•○

I cried the day I had to say my good-bye's and ship him off to beautiful British Columbia. I hadn't heard from him until today when I got a very joyous email from Jayne's husband, Doug saying that Skella-Head is enjoying his new home guarding his desk at the Web 2.0 software shop . I am so glad Doug is keeping a watchful eye on him, as he can sometimes be a bit mischievous. So thank you Jayne and Doug for being such good caregivers to good Ol' Mr. Skella Head, it really makes my day!

○•○•○•Skella-Head's new home he looks VERY happy, if I do say so myself! •○•○•○