Wednesday, March 11, 2009

orangyredink rocks!

Today while browsing Etsy and searching St. Patricks Day items, I stumbled upon the most amazing shop for tattoo necklaces ever! For one I am in love with tattoos. I think they are a great show of self expression and just look awesome. I have wanted a chest piece for a long long time but a.) I don't have any disposable income and b.) I want it to turn out perfectly. This shop is a great way for me to get the best of both worlds. I can have the look of a tattoo on my chest without the huge price tag and the artwork is fantastic! If I could I would buy everything in this whole shop!

Here is the first necklace that I saw....I love love love it!

Here are a few more of my favorites

This necklace is the one that I am definitely buying in the very near future!

The shop is Orangyredink