Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Golden Gods Awards

Well last night kicked major ass! Actually all of yesterday was pretty sweet, I must admit. The day started out regular enough, going thru the motions, doing our early morning contract. We were listening to the x103.9 morning show when they announced they'd be giving away tickets to the Golden Gods Awards in LA for tonight. And lo and behold I dialed and Dave won! And when he picked up the tickets, the lady at the station gave him an extra one for my sister cuz her bday is coming up! So we were stoked.

We get there a little late and have no idea what to expect, the place is small and cozy. It's regularly a club-hence the name Club Nokia! But it was nice, we opted for seating over I am not a fan of standing for any long periods of time! So we get to sit on the balcony right over the stage-perfect view. The Awards are the first ever American awards for metal music, which my husband loves. I think it's alright-just a little too angry for me : ) So anyways, we have a perfect view of the stage and we are sooo close, as the place only holds about 2000 peeps.

It was hosted by Brian Posehn, the fat creepy guy from the Sarah Silverman Show. He was pretty hilarious making all sorts of very funny jokes-you'll have to watch it-the jokes at the beginning were great. So the show begins, and it's like most any awards show you've seen on tv, a famous person comes out and announces the award, the winner comes out and accepts it. Ozzy won a Lifetime Achievement Award! That was cool, the whole place went absolutely nuts! Then we got to see Maynard James Keenan from one of my fav. "metal" bands, Tool-A perfect Circle-Puscifer. He was saying that people need to start listening to their inner voice and let the creativity come was pretty cool. Slipknot was there and got a few awards-Dave and I had just seen them in concert last month, it was quite awesome. Jonathan Davis from Korn was there, Scott Ian, Kat Von D, I'm not really into metal so a few times I was lost as to who was performing and what not. But overall it was an awesome time. It's gunna air on Mtv2 on April 25 so check it out. It was pretty entertaining even if you're not a metal head.

Now I may sound like a dick but I always bring earplugs to concerts, I value my hearing waaay too much to let any noise make me be hard of hearing by the time I'm 40. But there was the most amazing band that performed last night, called Suicide Silence, and they happen to be from one of my favorite cities, Riverside! Woop woop! So anyways, they all come out in suits, the singer is like skinnier than my sister, his legs are like the size of baseball bats and I'm thinking "OMG! This is gunna suck" But I was blown away, the energy of the whole band, and the singers voice, was out of this world! They played 3 songs, and I took my earplugs out cuz I needed to feel that as much as I could. As soon as I got home, I looked them up just so I could hear more. If you're feeling experimental look them up on Myspace. They are definitely the first hard metal band that actually has some soul, in my opinion. They were great and unforgettable, and by far the highlight of the night for me.

The show was great all in all, a few things that kinda sucked were that I was told that you could not bring cameras in, Dave wanted to anyway, but he listened to me and left it in the car. Turns out you could bring them in but he was told by security that he could not leave to go to the car and get the camera then come back in. So we got no pictures, which I very much regret. Second thing-I guess it didn't really suck, it was actually pretty funny and to be expected at a metal shows, but this blond chick in a mini jean skirt was grinding up on some dude, her skirt kept getting pulled up so you could see her panties, I was surprised she had some one, but it was just crazy. Then she showed her ass to the host and everyone else and the host is all "Oh nice, stripper asshole" it was extremely funny. Try and catch it sometime on Mtv2, April 25!

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