Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So yay! Dave has had this new on the side job thing going on for about a month. He reviews movies, games, places, etc. for the website He has an absolute blast as he is such a movie buff. So now the fun part comes in for me! He gets to go to Hollywood premieres, red carpets events, and he gets 2 tickets-woo hoo, one for me! So yesterday was our first one, we drive down to Burbank first, which is about an hour and 10 min. away and we go to this amazingly awesome horror gift and book store called Dark Delicacies. It's so cool has tons of autographed books and posters from people like Clive Barker, Mike Mears, and all sorts of other great authors and actors. The owners suggest we go to this collectible store down the road called Blast from the Past and it's also amazing. Tons of movie and tv collectible figures. Dave yacked with the owner for about 45 min. and I realized that we were running late.

So we head down to Hollywood and see thousands of people outside of Mann's Chinese Theatre, where we were going! Yikes, there was a red carpet, media, everything. I was thinking it was for our event which was seeing the movie State of Play (very good btw, check it out on Friday-stars Russell Crowe, yum) so anyways I'm thinking "great this place is a mad house how are we gunna make it in time" (we were late cuz of Dave's "mouth") but it turns out all the commotion was for Zac Efrons movie "17 Again" Ewww! But other then that the trip was fun. I love Hollywood it has such an amazing blend of people and great energy...just a little too busy for me tho. But we will be going down there again on Saturday to screen the movie Laid to Rest. A horror movie! Yipes! And we'll hang out there all day and the weather is suppose to be very nice! Finally.
Here's all the crazies outside of Mann's.