Sunday, May 31, 2009

Girls and Corpses

OMG! Okay so my husband comes home the other day from a Red Carpet event, that I unfortunately couldn't attend with him, but anyways I'm talking to him on the phone and he is at my mom's house. He is telling me about how his evening went and who he got to interview an what not. He starts telling me about this guy he met there named Corpsy, who told him all about his magazine called Girls and Corpses. Right then I heard my mom in the background shouting "You're gunna love it" all sarcastically. Then my mom went on to say that it was gunna give her nightmares. So now I'm thinking "Oh great some creepy, goth porno magazine!" Which is exactly what it ended up being...except I found myself not so much creeped out because of course, the corpses are fake, but it's actually surprised at what a pretty funny and interesting magazine it really is. More than anything I would say that it is different, which always gets my attention. It has mostly pictures of mostly hot normal looking girls scantily dressed surrounded by....and sometimes even humping? corpses. But then it has articles, comics (which are hilariously disturbing) and my favorite is Sex Talk with Doctor Necco Feelya!! Here is a question that was in the Volume 2 Spring Issue:

Dear Dr. Necco Feelya,

My boyfriend has a bug up his ass. Literally. I can't tell what kind of bug it is but it has been up there for months and only occasionally comes out to eat from the cat bowl. I'm afraid the thing will bite me in my sleep or crawl up MY ass. What should I do? Oh, did I mention he has been dead for two years. Not the bug; my boyfriend.

Bug up his ass

Read the mag. for the answer! Now the best part of this magazine, that pretty much made me fall in love with it, was an add, on the very last page, for the Corpsy the love doll. OMG!! It is literally a blow up doll corpse. I laughed my ass off when I saw genius! Wish I could have thought of it! Click on the pic. for more positions!
So this magazine is obviously not for the faint of heart but if you like something a little creepy, a little odd , and you're maybe into the whole death thing, then this would definitely be a magazine that you should really check out!