Monday, May 18, 2009

Crappity crap crap

Ehh, I have not blogged in such a long time it feels like. It has been very hectic and also very hot. I can barely concentrate on it's in the upper 90's, our air is broke and going to stay that way...I have been spritzing myself every few minutes to try and stay cool. I want to put up our pool but I am going to wait until we get back from our 1 year wedding anniversary get away to San Francisco. The weather up there is suppose to be very nice, maybe even a little chilly, according to my standards. I can't wait.

I just got over being sick with a disgusting cold complete with sore throat, stuffy head and nose, and now I'm finally gettin over it but I just can't make all this mucous go the hell away. I also, regrettably, had to fly to Wisconsin to my grandmothers funeral the last week of April. That was really hard and I still am not fully realizing that she is gone. Everything just kinda seems off and I have just not been feeling all here, which I'm not. But it's no good to dwell in the past and I've been trying to keep myself busy despite being sick off my ass. I had the perfect opportunity to read the most amazing book that I have had my hands on in a long while called "Coming of age in Mississippi" by Anne Moody. I recommend it to everyone especially women or younger girls. It's an inspiring and moving biography about a girl, Anne (Essie Mae) growing up in the deep south. She gives a play by play of her amazing life from her being a 4 year old girl to a brave 23 year old women overcoming obstacles that I could not even fathom. It's very well written, informative, exciting, sad and touching. It helped me keep my mind off my problems for 2 days but now I am right back on the sad boat trying to get a handle on myself, maybe San Fran will help chase away my blues...I doubt it though :(
The butterfly print up at the top is from PeggyWolfDesign
My grandma loved butterflies and she would have really liked that print