Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ancestry Scrapbook

Soo....I've been working on this huge "scrapbook" that will have all my ancestors' family photos, birth certificates, death certificates and I will also include a couple sentences about them, as recalled by my dear and lovely grandfather Bookie. I bought this awesome scrapbook paper from JoAnne's called Mariposa. It's all butterflies and shit. It's super pretty. Anyways, this project is so damn time consuming. I had no idea. I have done maybe 3 full scrapbooks before and they were all relatively fun and easy. This one not so much.

I decided that instead of photocopying all the pics and documents that I have that I would just take pics of all of them. This is exhausting. So far I am only about 25% done with just the picture taking and I've been doing this for about 3 weeks? LOL. So to make things a little easier and so I feel like I am making some sort of head way I decided that I would just photograph all of the scrapbook paper and then do some rough drafts digitally so I can get an idea of what I'm working with. I needed a little boost basically.

So here is my first one. I will be adding a lot more to the real one, like her birthday and death date and whatever other papers I have and information I have on her. I did her first because I feel some kind of strange connection with her. My grandpa has told me lots of stories, as she was his maternal grandma. She sounded like a really awesome lady and she was into a lot of the same things that I am now, like astrology-tarot readings--just spiritual and metaphysical things. Her name is Caroline and she is my great great grandmother. I just love her! Maybe in the afterlife I will get to meet her if she isn't on to her next earth life whenever I get there.