Saturday, July 18, 2009

Road Trip!

Ah, yes! Finally it is that time of year again for me! Time to go to Wisconsin. I have gone there every single summer since I was an infant. It will be more sad this year with the loss of my grandma. The house will seem empty. But thus is life.

It will be myself, my mom and my younger sister. We are taking a road trip this year instead of flying. It's 2045.84 miles! We have taken this sort of drive many many a times. I love driving thru Vegas and Green River, Utah. Actually, all of Utah is absolutely beautiful. I really enjoy the scenery there. Always changing. Nebraska and Iowa are super boring but luckily we are stopping in Omaha, my old stomping grounds and picking up my older sister and her and I will drive together to Wisconsin. So that will be nice. I only get to see her twice a year.

I am pretty sad that Dave can't go. I know he really wanted to and I really wanted him to, but he has his job and needs to hold down the homefront as well. So it will be just the girls! And my grandpa. I can't wait to see what this trip reveals to me. Quality time with people can be such an adventure.