Sunday, July 12, 2009

kodashii88 ---

"Remember guys, violence is not the answer, but if all else fails, whip out your knuckle busters!" ~kodashii88

kodashii's Etsy shop has got to be one of the all togther coolest shops I've seen! I am obsessed with the items, they are so beautiful and edgy. If you have never seen his shop here are some of his amazing works...

This is absolutely stunning!

My husband would absolutely love this cuff!

Look at this bracelet! For one I am obsessed with clocks and time and this just happens to be a bracelet featuring 4 working watch faces! Unbelievable.

He has a line of these called SickSadKids, this one is my favorite!

kodashii88 says "Not only is he a goofball, he has also spent time in JUVIE! and he wears his prison i.d. number proudly around his waist like a badge of honor. Naughty naughty" also "Jail House Rocky is also a sling doll, meaning he features a unique hat sling that allows you to take him anywhere, and hook him onto almost anything." AWESOME! He would be my perfect accomplice!

You can find kodashii88 by going to please take a look, he has such a beautiful shop with so much more to see!