Saturday, February 2, 2008

Love your Love

Yeah so today is my Dad's birthday. My mom had to bake him a cake, which she hates doing...she gets a little crazy when she has to bake and it doesn't come out right-which she sets herself up everytime for it to mess up cuz she keeps saying "this isn't going to turn out" "It's gunna burn" "It doesn't look right" then whatta ya know-the thing comes out of the oven lopsided and hard on the top and very spongy on the bottom. Bless her heart for trying so hard though. She just need to keep those negative thoughts away-cuz they'll fuck you everytime.

So I decided that I wanted to post some pictures of hearts and such to spread the vibe of love around!

This necklace is from user viciousvintage on Etsy.

This silver heart charm is from ingemnuity.

I loooovvvee these earrings. If I had my ears pierced I would totally buy them. It's strange I have a tattoo...and I plan on getting many more but I don't have my ears pierced. I have had them pierced before when I was 7 and I let the holes close up because I was a big ol baby. Then I got them pierced again when I was 10 and I think I wanted to go swimming or something and oh hell I don't rememeber but they closed up too. I guess earrings just aren't my thang. Oh well I never wear my hair up one would be able to see the damn things! Oh wow the earrings are from viciousvintage as well....I really like their shop!

Oh but this bracelet with the insult hearts is totally the way my family expresses their love for one another. Even my b/f and I are the same way!! Meanies!!