Thursday, January 3, 2008

Why Am I Even Awake

It's 1:45 is not unusual for me to be up at this time, as I normally work late. I am getting tired and frustrated and I feel rushed even though that is a false feeling. There is nothing I should feel rushed about. I want to be in bed, but when you're in bed, you're dead....or so I've heard. Anyways I do not want to watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, even though Dave has picked it out for us to watch. I guess it doesn't matter anyways because I will eventually let sleep pull me into its sweet slumber and I again will wake hours later. I am only doing this blog for my Etsy....I love making funny cards and such, well actually I just like making people laugh, period. It makes me feel good that that's one thing I can do to make someone else feel good. I think that is why I do not like my nephew, he is the only person I know that does not laugh at me when I make a joke or a funny face...that really bothers me...what a little shit, it's not my fault your mom's a dumb ass. Get a sense of humor, your brothers have one. Ghheeettt